Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Isn't this just the most darling little box? It was pretty easy to make. I filled it with goodies and it was a door prize at our club meeting last week.

Thanks to Shannon Griebe for the original instructions which I'm adding here with a few changes I made (different designer paper)

Supply List

1, Parisian Summer DS paper (use any you like)
4 pcs 4” x 5”
2 pcs 2” x 7 ½” – Box Bottom
2 pcs 1” x 7 ½ “– Box Top
Using Scraps, cut matching scallop circle - and I added a small flower from the boho punch and a Rhinestone Brad

2. 2 pcs 4” x 5” cardboard from DS paper

3. Approx 20” Riding Hood Red Ribbon


1. Glue a 4” x 5” piece of DS paper to each side of cardboard pcs. I made mine match on all sides of cardboard. Set aside to dry a little.

2. Score each strip at ½’ in along the 7 1/5” length. Score each end in 2”. Cut at the point where the ½” and 2” score line meet.

3. To form the box bottom fold along all score lines and then overlap the end pieces and glue together. Each end should measure 2 ½” – this means that the ends will not overlap completely. The finished size of the box bottom is 3 ½” x 2 ½”

4. To form the box top repeat the above process but overlap ends to a measurement of 2 3/8” This will allow the box top to fit easily in the box bottom.

5. Run the 2 DS paper covered pieces through the Big Shot using the Top Note Die. Do these one at a time to get the best impression from the faux stitching border on this die.

6. Glue the box bottom to the cut die along the ½” strip. If the paper you selected does not blend with the paper covering the Top Note, you can cut a 3 ½” x 2 ½” of paper you like to cover the bottom.

7. Take the box top and set it into the box bottom just enough to hold it in place and then put some glue along the ½ strip. Pick the whole assembly up by the Top Note and turn it over and visually line it up with the second Die cut and set it in place. Let the glue set for just a bit and the separate the top from the bottom. This is when you can make sure the box top is flat against the top die. Just an FYI – there is about ½’ spacing all the way around the outside of the box bottom.

8. Tie ribbon around box. Enjoy!!

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